Effective communication with your attorney.

There are many laws and regulations involving trusts, probate of estates, taxation, real estate and elder care that may apply to you. The laws and regulations are constantly changing. I participate in professional education meetings and classes with other attorneys and professionals to keep up with these changes.

Despite the relentless pace of change, some things stay the same. Protecting your legacy and your quality of life are the constant purposes of planning. I guide each client to think about these real issues, and how the law can fulfill their intent and wishes.

I use templates and checklists to help you gather the information and data you need to plan your estate, or to settle the estate of a loved one.

To effectively communicate with an attorney, write down questions or ideas that you want to discuss. Schedule an Educational Meeting with me to get the answers you need to focus on the goals you want to accomplish.

After you tell me what's important to you, I will explain how the law and regulations apply to you and your family. Ask as many questions as you need to understand the planning concepts and my recommendations. If anything is not clear, don't hesitate to request further explanation. I will provide illustrations that can further explain how planning can work for you.

You know your intentions and the needs of your family. I understand the importance of listening.

-John L. Roberts