Capital Gains Tax Planning 

You own an asset worth more today than when you paid for it.

How to get stepped up basis

Gift during lifetime, or keep the asset in you estate?

Defensive Shield? Assertive Sword?

The jury's surprising verdict in Power of Attorney case.

Power of Attorney, handle with care 

Court case: be careful and compassionate when using Power of Attorney to manage care for a loved one.

Massachusetts Probate Code

How the Probate Code affects your grandchildren, if you don't have a valid will.

Your role as Personal Representative

Making good decisions during a time of loss.

Intestate Estate (No Will)

If you don't leave a Will, the Probate Code determines who receives your Probate assets.

Who manages your estate?

If you have Will as part of your estate plan, YOU decide who manages your Probate estate, and distribute assets.

Massachusetts Post Death Estate Planning

If you make a Will, YOU can set time requirements for survivorship, and decide how your estate will be distributed.