How to use this website, and print our Checklists and Templates

You will find news and general information about legal issues in the Video Podcasts and articles on this website, and on our Elder Law and Social Security Disability websites. Laws and regulations change frequently, so the information here may not include current legal developments. You can only use this website to learn about general information. The information here is not intended to be, and cannot be taken as legal advice. You can only get legal advice for your particular set of facts or circumstances by contacting and consulting with an attorney in your state or jurisdiction.

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We have no attorney - client relationship with people who read our articles online or listen to our Video Podcasts. The creation of an attorney - client relationship requires direct, personal contact between you and Attorney Roberts, and a written agreement that confirms that the attorney-client relationship is established.

If you would like to become a client, please call our office to schedule an Educational Meeting. The attorney - client relationship begins when you sign the written agreement that tells us what you want us to do. We can prepare the agreement for you to consider. It lists the services and tasks that you want us to perform for you.

Attorney Roberts is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts and Connecticut. We limit our service area for estate planning, estate settlement and probate to Hampden County, Massachusetts and several towns in Northern Connecticut. If you live outside our service area, consult a professional in your local area to discuss the facts of your specific case. Small differences in law, regulations and practice can make a big difference in how each matter is handled in different States and jurisdictions.

Options for Printing Checklists and Templates

Estate Planning Template Single IndividualEstate Planning Template Married CoupleDownload Power of Attorney Checklist PDF

Our Estate Planning Template for a Single Individual and Estate Planning Template for a Married Couple will calculate the value of all assets and income that you enter onto the Template form. To access these calculating forms you need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. You can download Reader for free if you don't already have it on your computer.

Get Adobe Reader for mobile devicesYou can also download the Reader Ap for ipad, iphone or android to enable the Templates calculate on your mobile device.

The Template calculation feature will not work if you use Google Chrome as your browser. Chrome's built-in PDF viewer has limited support for PDF forms, and does not support the JavaScript that we use behind the scenes for calculation options. If you are a Chrome user, you have the choice of using Chrome's built-in PDF viewer or configuring it so the PDF Template will open in the browser using Acrobat or Reader, so that the Template file will calculate your figures.

If you decide to schedule an Educational Meeting, we use these templates to help you effectively communicate with us. After you schedule your Educational Meeting, we will explain how you can print out your Estate Planning Template and your Power of Attorney Selection Checklist, and continue to use these tools in future years.