If You Are Buying, Selling or Refinancing, call us for your Residential Real Estate Closing.

Member: Real Estate Bar AssociationThe purchase or sale of a home may be the biggest transactions of your life. You should obtain legal counsel as soon as you decide to go ahead with plans to buy, sell, or refinance.

An early consultation with The Law Office of John L. Roberts provides you with information on a wide range of issues that come up during the process of negotiating a Purchase and Sale Agreement. Here's how we help clients buy or sell a home:

  • We show you what an Offer to Purchase includes, and help you with negotiations.
  • We review your Purchase and Sale Agreement and discuss your needs and concerns before you sign, including your time table for moving into your new home, or relocating from your current residence.
  • We coordinate the homebuying/selling process with the lender, buyer, seller and broker.
  • We can explain the income tax and property tax issues, and help you find answers to your questions.
  • It's a standard practice in Western Massachusetts for the buyer's Attorney to represent the lender at the real estate closing. When you designate an Attorney for your closing, you are designating the Closing Agent who will prepare figures and documents for your lender. It is important to select an Attorney who will provide you with a high level of service, just as you select a mortgage lender who will return your phone calls and respond to your needs.
  • As your Title Examiner, we will research the property you are planning to buy, and uncover any defects in the chain of title going back 50 years.
  • When title research is completed for a home buyer, and any defects in the chain of title have been resolved, we provide title certification to the buyer and to the Lender, and to the Title Insurance Company that insures your good title to the property. Massachusetts Consumer Protection laws protect you if you use an attorney to handle your purchase. The Consumer Protection law guarantees your right to a certification of title from the attorney who handles your mortgage transaction.
  • If you are buying a home, we arrange for a Land Surveyor to travel to the property, and prepare an encroachment survey. This survey is prepared as soon as you have decided you want to go ahead with your real estate purchase. It is usually available for you to review several weeks before your closing.
  • We work with you on each step of the buyer's checklist, or seller's checklist, to make sure your transaction runs smoothly. You can call us directly, anytime you have a question.

Our goal is to provide you with a high level of service that includes draft settlement closing figures and information about your transaction well in advance of the closing day. By working ahead of the curve, our clients have confidence and understanding of the details of their transaction well before the closing!